About the Journal

Introduction to the Medical Research刊物简介

Medical Research(MRHK) was launched in 2019 and published by Creative Publishing Co., Limited in Hong Kong. It is now a quarterly journal and published at the end of each quarter. Medical Research于2019年创刊,由开元出版有限公司在香港出版,现为季刊,逢季度末出版。

Included the database收录数据库

MRHK authorized CNKI (scholar.cnki.net) and Airiti Library (airitilibrary.com/) to be included, and the data will be uploaded synchronously after publication. 本刊授权中国知网(scholar.cnki.net)和华艺数据库(airitilibrary.com/)收录,出刊后同步上传数据。

CNKI 中国知网

Cooperate in publishing合作办刊

Teachers and doctors are welcome to join the editorial committee, and welcome to cooperate in operating the journal, and welcome to contribute. 本欢迎各位老师和医生加入编辑委员会,欢迎合作办刊,欢迎投稿。

University-Industry Collaborative Education Program(UICEP)产学合作协同育人项目

Welcome all undergraduate universities (including affiliated hospitals) to cooperate with us in the UICEP. From 2017 to 2019, the company has accumulatively established more than 600 projects of the Ministry of Education’s UICEP, and Guangdong and Jilin Province’s UICEP. Among them, the “Cross-border E-commerce and Cases” jointly developed by Creative E-Commerce (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and Yangzhou University was rated as an excellent case of UICEP by the Ministry of Education in 2018 (20 in total). Other companies include IBM , Google, Microsoft, Apple, TI, etc.欢迎各本科高校(含附属医院)与我们合作产学合作协同育人项目。公司2017年至2019年累计立项教育部产学合作协同育人项目、广东省和吉林省校企合作协同育人项目600余项。其中,开元电子商务(深圳)有限公司与扬州大学合作的“跨境电子商务与案例”于2018年被教育部评为产学合作协同育人项目优秀案例(共20个),其他企业有IBM、谷歌、微软、苹果、TI等。

Contact Us联系方式

Email:szgmtgs@126.com, Tel.+86.18565685800  +852.95688358.

APC charges版面费

MRHK is an Open Access Journal. APC will be charged CNY 500 per  page, and issues electronic ordinary VAT invoices.本刊为OA期刊(Open Access Journal),出版单位收取版面费标准为500元/版,开具增值税电子普通发票。

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